Predicting when every member of Suns' starting 5 might leave

The Suns likely do not stay together long.
Phoenix Suns, Kevin Durant, Devin Booker
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Bradley Beal

The Suns bought low on Beal last summer. It cost them Chris Paul, Landry Shamet, six second-round picks, and four first-round swaps. The Wizards were entering a lengthy rebuild, so Phoenix was not shy about trading the swap rights. Contenders often struggle to find playing time for second-round picks, so the Suns viewed it as upgrading from an aging CP3 to Beal.

Phoenix made two mistakes. First, they ignored the new spending rules and how much Beal’s $50-plus million per year would impact them. The second tax apron is just under $190 million, and the Suns Big 3 makes over $150 million per year combined.

Second, they allowed him to bring his no-trade clause to Phoenix. The price to acquire him was so low because Beal only wanted to go to the Suns. He spent years in the nation’s capital when they were not winning games. His happiness is more important, which could keep Beal locked in for years to come.

Beal leaves in free agency in 2027

Bradley Beal is picking up his $57.1 million player option for the 2026-27 season. He turns 31 this offseason and already has a lengthy injury history. No team is offering him $57.1 million for that season. Beal will stick it out and hold onto his no-trade clause through his current contract before leaving Phoenix.