5 Kevin Durant trades the Suns should consider this offseason

The Suns should take a hard look at these Kevin Durant trades.
Phoenix Suns, Kevin Durant
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2. Knicks add KD to chase title

New York has spent years searching for a star. Jalen Brunson has led them to the playoffs for two straight years, and the Knicks may just be one marquee player away from serious title contention. Head coach Tom Thibodeau has them playing hard and competing for every point, but star power wins.

Brunson has become an All-NBA candidate and the Knicks have the draft capital to get him a co-star. It would mean giving up Julius Randle, but he has not played this postseason. Getting KD would take a massive package, but the Knicks may not be shy about offering this if Durant wants to play in the Big Apple.

KD to Knicks

The Suns get an All-Star forward, a starting center, and a backup point guard along with four draft picks in this deal. It gives them some needed depth. Phoenix can build a strong starting five around Devin Booker and has draft capital to upgrade their roster. They would need Bradley Beal to play like a star, but that is a must no matter what avenue the franchise takes this summer.

KD returns to New York in this deal just over one year after he left Brooklyn for Phoenix. Can Durant lead the Knicks into title contention? He is still one of the best offensive weapons in the NBA, and the Suns get a chance to remake their roster and build a championship challenger of their own around Booker. Only one team can trump this offer.