5 Kevin Durant trades the Suns should consider this offseason

The Suns should take a hard look at these Kevin Durant trades.
Phoenix Suns, Kevin Durant
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3. Rockets finally get their superstar

Houston has been looking for a star from the moment James Harden bolted for Brooklyn. They made progress in year one under head coach Ime Udoka and want to snap their four-year playoff drought next season. In the loaded Western Conference, the Rockets may need a superstar to make that a reality.

Houston has plenty of young talent to entice the Suns. They played better after Alperen Sengun was injured last season, and the Rockets may face a decision on who to build their young core around. Udoka is known for his defense, and the franchise determine that Sengun does not fit their team.

KD to Houston

Fred VanVleet helped the Rockets get organized this season and could do the same in Phoenix. The Suns need a point guard and would benefit from his experience. They also get a young potential star big man and three first-round picks. It is a massive price, but there is only one Kevin Durant.

The Phoenix Suns should seriously consider this type of trade, especially with the new CBA restricting teams over the second tax apron. It gets them out of a financial pinch and gives them avenues to build out their roster. The Suns could get more if they find the right trade partner.