Phoenix Suns fans won't like latest trade deadline update from NBA Insider

Many Phoenix Suns fans have been hopeful of an impactful move happening at the deadline, but the latest intel does not seem to suggest that happening.
Dallas Mavericks v Phoenix Suns
Dallas Mavericks v Phoenix Suns / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

With the NBA's trade deadline merely days away, many Phoenix Suns fans remain hopeful that the organization will be able to make one more move to better their chances of winning a championship this season. This despite having little to work with when it comes to a trade.

There had been much talk recently that Miles Bridges of the Charlotte Hornets could be gotten for a price the Suns could afford, but that was because of the off the court issues that the organization should be staying away from anyway. Going for a career high 41 points in a win over the Los Angeles Lakers is only going to push his value beyond what the Suns can afford to pay as well.

But the latest from everybody's favorite NBA Insider - Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN - is a much more tepid update then fans of the Suns were hoping to hear.

Wojnarowski was on his "Woj Pod" early on Tuesday in anticipation of a busy week, and alongside Bobby Marks the topic of the Suns eventually came up. With little by way of draft capital to give up - unless they decide to move on Grayson Allen while his value has never been higher - Wojnarowski offered this sobering update on the state of play for the Suns' front office right now;

"You mention the Suns... listen I think there'll be some, on the fringe wing player that they'll pick up that they can maybe play in a rotation. Maybe count on them in the playoffs to come in and play a role. But it's going to be fringe, they don't have... they have a couple of seconds they could offer."

Adrian Wojnarowski

That does... not sound like Bridges or a player even close to his talent level is coming to The Valley over the next few days. No, what it sounds like is a player - similar to ones they've had before like Torrey Craig and Jae Crowder - who the Suns will hope they can get the best out of alongside Kevin Durant, Devin Booker and Bradley Beal.

The fact they already have guys like that in the form of Josh Okogie is concerning, because it is unclear how much another player of that type moves the needle. From the way Wojnarowski is talking, the Suns are in business for this level of player, which is a notch below Allen and even Eric Gordon in trying to add another capable body to their rotation.

The update from Wojnarowski did have a more positive ending though, and it is one fans will have to cling onto if this deadline passes to minimal movement for the organization;

"They're motivated (the Suns). This is their window to win. But even a team like Phoenix, and in talking to teams like them, who don't have the assets to make trades. They're also saying to themselves, even if we did, who would we really want to spend on? They're looking at what's available, and they feel a little less bad."

Adrian Wojnarowski

So even if the Suns had more picks or some young players to potentially package together, right now it is unclear who they could try and trade for and if they did, if they would actually be overpaying. The deadline is a time when teams panic - and although the Suns have to be worried about the rapid ascension of the L.A. Clippers - they have done well to steady their own ship this season.

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A rocky start has now been followed with a pair of seven-game win streaks, while head coach Frank Vogel has them playing as a just above average defensive team in the last 15 games. Durant and Booker are headed to the All-Star game, and Beal's 43 points against the Washington Wizards recently showed he is a player who is finding his groove as maybe the best third option in the league.

The front office need to remember all of this, and recognize that there are plenty of rivals out there who would give up a lot to be able to switch positions with the Suns. Another legitimate playoff rotation player would be great, and it should still be the goal as the hours tick by until the deadline. But this is a roster that - assuming they remain healthy - has a lot going for it.