Bradley Beal trade and 5 other regrettable Suns moves James Jones botched

The Suns wish they could redo these moves.
Phoenix Suns, Bradley Beal
Phoenix Suns, Bradley Beal / Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Kevin Durant trade

Mat Ishbia was approved as owner for the Suns on Feb. 6, 2023, and the Suns traded for KD just three days later. The new boss wanted another superstar, so James Jones may not have had much say in this move. The Suns gave up a ton, and the trade is bordering on disaster.

Phoenix gave up key pieces of their rotation in Mikal Bridges, Cameron Johnson, and Jae Crowder plus four unprotected first-round draft picks and one swap. It was always going to cost a ton of land Durant, especially with one of the best to ever do it locked up long-term, but the Suns decimated their depth and future flexibility to add him.

Durant turns 36 before the start of next season and has dealt with multiple injuries. In their two seasons with him, the Suns have won one playoff series and have not looked like title contenders. The Western Conference is loaded with talent, and Phoenix is hamstrung in improving their roster.

Trading for Kevin Durant was not a terrible idea, but it was always risky. He was already in his mid-30s and making massive money. The Suns doubled down as the new second tax apron restrictions came in, which made things even tougher. Phoenix may regret this trade more and more, but another recent deal takes the cake as James Jones’ worst.