Bradley Beal trade and 5 other regrettable Suns moves James Jones botched

The Suns wish they could redo these moves.
Phoenix Suns, Bradley Beal
Phoenix Suns, Bradley Beal / Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
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5. Shamet trade

Fresh off a trip to the NBA Finals, James Jones and the Suns traded the 29th overall pick and Jevon Carter for Landry Shamet. The sharpshooter bounced around the league but continued to play a key role before coming to Phoenix. They hoped his shooting would push them over the top, but it never happened.

Shamet’s minutes decreased with the Suns as he never found his offensive game. The 6’4 guard shot under 40 percent from the field during his two seasons in Phoenix. His stuck in the rotation in the playoffs, but his production dipped further.

The Suns gave up a first-round draft pick with Herb Jones, Santi Aldama, and others left on the board. It was a steep price to pay for a role player, but they thought Shamet would be a game-changer. It did not happen.

Shamet was traded to the Wizards after two seasons in the deal that brought Bradley Beal to Phoenix. The Suns tried to add depth and shooting by getting Shamet, but it never worked. His production dipped further in the nation’s capital, and the once promising young talent may soon be out of the league. Jones and the Phoenix Suns certainly missed on this trade, but it was far from their worst move.