5 Advantages Phoenix Suns have over every other West team

The Suns must use these advantages if they want to make a deep playoff run.
Phoenix Suns, Devin Booker, Kevin Durant
Phoenix Suns, Devin Booker, Kevin Durant / Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Transition & Cutting

The Suns will have to play to their strengths if they plan on winning the Western Conference. No team scores more than 1.24 points per possession in transition. Phoenix leads the league, despite being 24th in frequency. The Suns are not going to be a run-and-gun team, but they should push the ball when they have an edge in the playoffs because it often results in an easy bucket.

They are also masterful on cuts. Devin Booker, Kevin Durant, and Bradley Beal have playmaking chops and the ability to draw multiple defenders, which creates avenues to go to the basket for an easy score. The Suns are scoring 1.41 points per possession off cuts, which is best in the West and second in the NBA behind only the Indiana Pacers. Phoenix is 13th in frequency, despite their success.

Head coach Frank Vogel still has a few tricks up his sleeve, but the Suns should embrace playing in transition and cutting more. Their efficiency is unquestioned. Phoenix must use it, especially against the other elite teams in the West.

The Suns have another element to lean on when things break down, and it is attacking in an area of the floor that many teams attempt to ignore.