One-sentence progress reports of all 14 Phoenix Suns on the roster

With the NBA Playoffs approaching, we look at how the Phoenix Suns players have performed this season so far.

Phoenix Suns v Dallas Mavericks
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Many things have happened during the 2023-24 NBA season for the Phoenix Suns, some for the better, others for the worse. The Suns still hope to contend for the title, as they've assembled a Big Three that features some of the league's best scorers.

Their 35-26 record doesn't show much for a few fans, but the current group still has a chance in the tough Western Conference.

It's also worth noting that the Suns have slowed down after the All-Star break, losing four of their last six games. Devin Booker has recently suffered an ankle sprain, and the team won't have his services for the coming weeks. Additionally, there have been a few changes in the roster this season. That has affected how players have performed throughout the campaign.

This idea of reviewing players on the team came from our friends at, specifically Cal Durrett. Without much ado, here are the progress reports from the team's current roster.

End of bench guys

Ish Wainwright: Wainwright is returning to the Suns after playing seven games with the Portland Trail Blazers, which is why there's nothing to review about him yet.

David Roddy: Roddy was traded but has only appeared in five games, only scoring once for the Suns this season.

Saben Lee: While under a two-way deal, Lee has only played 18 games this season, and he's made the most of his chances despite averaging 8.1 minutes.

Bol Bol: Bol has been a fan-favorite this season, even performing well over the last four games, but that won't last as the Suns are a better contributor.

Thaddeus Young: The veteran forward, Young, was traded to the Suns, but he's yet to play and find a role within the team, making it hard to assess him.