Kevin Durant's 3 best college games for the Texas Longhorns

It's college basketball season and we should never forget how Kevin Durant took over in his lone season with the Texas Longhorns.

NCAA Basketball - Texas Southern vs Texas - November 28, 2006
NCAA Basketball - Texas Southern vs Texas - November 28, 2006 / Jim Redman/GettyImages
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March 11, 2007, Texas vs. Kansas

In their Big 12 appearance, the Longhorns struggled to have a winning record. But that didn't stop Durant from doing everything he could to try and win an NCAA title. As they went against Kansas, the competition became tougher, but it still allowed the one-time MVP to lead the charge.

Kansas had future NBA players Mario Chalmers, Brandon Rush and Darrell Arthur. Two out of those three players made life difficult for Texas, but they weren't able to stop Durant from taking over the game. KD had 37 points, ten rebounds and six blocks, but that wasn't enough for them to win.

Even in college, Durant was a sniper from beyond the arc. He shot 3-7 from 3-point range and had 11 chances from the charity stripe.