How Bradley Beal has impacted key stats for the Phoenix Suns

Now that Bradley Beal is fully ingrained with this Suns team, we can look at how he has impacted several key stats.

Utah Jazz v Phoenix Suns
Utah Jazz v Phoenix Suns / Chris Coduto/GettyImages
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Getting out on the break

The area in which Beal’s impact is the most obvious is the pace at which the Suns play, specifically on the fast break. They currently rank 18th in the league, scoring 14.9 fast break points per game. Both those numbers are up from 27th and 11.3, respectively.

This was an un-mined resource for the Suns as their "Big 3", especially KD, are some of the best fast break weapons in the league. With an additional ball handler like Beal on the floor, there’s less standing around after rebounds waiting for Booker or Durant to come get the ball.

This number should continue to trend up with the addition of O’Neale, who’s an underrated playmaker and very capable of leading the break. The Suns also landing Thaddeus Young on the buyout market could lead them to playing small more often. If they do, their fast break numbers and overall pace of play should continue climb.