Grading the Phoenix Suns' starting five at the halfway point of the season

The Phoenix Suns are halfway through their season, here is how their starting five have graded up to this point.
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Bradley Beal

Beal's season to date could not have differed more from Booker's, as a combination of back and ankle issues has seen him play in only 16 games to date. The 31.8 minutes per night the third lowest mark of his career, while the 17.9 points are worlds away from the 30 a night scorer we've seen Beal be in the past.

It is not all bad though, as in the last 10 games, the Suns rank an impressive sixth in offensive rating (121.0). That number has coincided with the return of Beal from the nasty ankle sprain that caused him to miss some time, and he has been quick to gel with his teammates in the starting five.

This was most apparent in the recent wins over the Los Angeles Lakers and Sacramento Kings, with Beal more than happy to take the ball out of Booker's hands some. Against the Kings in particular, there were a number of notable plays on the defensive end, while the 30-year-old does not look to have lost much of his bounce or athleticism with how quickly he can get up the court.

Despite that optimistic end to the first half for Beal, the franchise is right to want more out of him. He wasn't on the court early on when they found themselves dropping winnable games - most notably two on the bounce to the San Antonio Spurs - and it hurt their chances of finishing in the top four spots out West.

First Half Grade: C