Grade the trade: Pitch has Suns stealing potential star from the Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have a problem on their hands in the form of Jonathan Kuminga, and the Phoenix Suns could be in position to profit.
Golden State Warriors v Phoenix Suns
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Proposed Trade

Golden State Warriors grade: C-

This is much less appealing for the Warriors, and the final grade here reflects that. However if we're making the case, then it is that they are still trying to win championships around Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. They tried the two timelines plan before, and it has led to them having an unhappy Kuminga and a player in Moses Moody who is still a bit part player for the team.

Eric Gordon certainly helps the Warriors in the short-term, with his shooting from deep and stout defending for a player of his size both able to help immediately. If not Gordon, then Nassir Little can be put in here instead, although it does mean that the trade has to be altered and not include Yuta Watanabe because of the contracts involved.

Gordon wants to win a championship - and although he is playing some really nice basketball right now - he also has expressed frustration at his own situation this season. The pair of second round picks aren't going to excite the Warriors, but they do give them a chance to perhaps package them in a future deal themselves.

Watanabe is interesting because he gives the Warriors size at a time when they desperately need it. But it is also fair to say that his own trade value has never been lower after a disappointing season. If there is once place he could rediscover his shooting touch though, it would be next to Curry and Thompson.

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If the OG Anunoby trade from the Toronto Raptors to the New York Knicks thought us anything, it is that true trade value is rarely what fans think it is. The same was also true when you consider what the Suns got back for a former first overall pick in Deandre Ayton last summer. This is by no means the most exciting offer if you're the Warriors, but who is to say it's not the only one that makes sense?