Grade the trade: Pitch has Suns stealing potential star from the Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have a problem on their hands in the form of Jonathan Kuminga, and the Phoenix Suns could be in position to profit.
Golden State Warriors v Phoenix Suns
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Proposed Trade

Phoenix Suns grade: A+

An absolute no-brainer if you're the Suns here, with the chance to add a young forward who would add much needed size and athleticism to both the starting and bench groups. When this roster is fully healthy, there is a chance Kuminga wouldn't start, but you still do this every time. The Suns can still give him a bigger and more featured role than the Warriors currently are.

With how often the "Big 3" of Kevin Durant, Bradley Beal and Devin Booker have been injured this season as well, there is little doubt Kuminga would actually get to start some as well. Intriguingly, he could be used as part of a smaller lineup in place of center Jusuf Nurkic, and crucially would be the first building block for the future the organization have as well.

Paying Kuminga down the road would have to be sorted, but it is a problem the front office could figure out later. If you'd said 18 months ago that Durant and Beal would be on this roster, nobody would have believed you. Who knows what the future holds, with Kuminga automatically becoming an asset both on and off the court for the Suns.

He still helps them to win now though, with his 12.8 points per game this season still low, but also a career high. Once he slows down and lets the game come to him offensively, good things are going to happen with Kuminga. On the other end of the court, and head coach Frank Vogel could shape Kuminga into an absolute monster.