Grade the trade: Durant heads back to OKC in outrageous proposed deal

Trading Kevin Durant is the only way for the Phoenix Suns to get considerably better this summer, and this mock trade with the Oklahoma City Thunder does that.
Phoenix Suns v Oklahoma City Thunder
Phoenix Suns v Oklahoma City Thunder / Ian Maule/GettyImages
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Did everybody just win?

It is practically unheard of for both sides to win a trade so resoundingly, but it sure looks like that's the case here. The Thunder get another superstar to pair next to Shai, something which will always be hard for them to do given they are not a big market team.

This also further enhances the reputation of their General Manager Sam Presti, who once again used drafting the right players and some nifty trades to put himself in position to go and get Durant. The chance to win a championship for that franchise and come full circle surely has to hold some appeal to the player as well.

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For the Suns, owner Mat Ishbia can chalk this one up to experience. He gave everything away to get Durant, but would be saving face by getting a hell of a lot back to move him on again. That price for a player in his mid-30s with the kind of injury history Durant has had representing a real win for the front office there.

It also gives the Suns a chance to still compete now, be more active in trades down the road and plan for a future with Booker and Giddey. This would even soften the blow of having to keep Beal as Giddey is a large guard and the three could perhaps play together. Beal off the bench would be another direction to go. Add in all the picks plus a great defender in Dort, and the Suns are a team again.

Final Grade: A