Grade the trade: Durant heads back to OKC in outrageous proposed deal

Trading Kevin Durant is the only way for the Phoenix Suns to get considerably better this summer, and this mock trade with the Oklahoma City Thunder does that.
Phoenix Suns v Oklahoma City Thunder
Phoenix Suns v Oklahoma City Thunder / Ian Maule/GettyImages
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Thunder & Durant reunite to create history

When you think of the Oklahoma City Thunder, two players immediately come to mind. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander - a top five MVP candidate this season - and rookie sensation Chet Holmgren. Beyond that, they've got Jalen Williams (the better one), while Cason Wallace and Isaiah Joe are two players they definitely shouldn't be out on yet.

All of which is to say, the Thunder can take the hit on losing three of their top eight guys, plus a bevvy of draft picks, and still be in a super position with the addition of Durant. If their postseason exit at the hands of the Dallas Mavericks showed us anything, it is that the Thunder are close to winning it all.

Durant could have helped close that particular series out for them, and in Oklahoma there would be even less expected of him than there was in Phoenix last season. A year in which he turned in a superb effort on both ends of the court. Evening giving the Thunder 80 percent of that would have that group competing with the best in the Western Conference.

It is also the only way for Durant to change the narrative on his legacy before he retires. Most everybody thinks the two titles he won with the Golden State Warriors don't count, and failed super teams in Brooklyn and Phoenix have damaged his reputation even more. Going back to the Thunder - who he led to the finals in 2012 - and winning it all? It doesn't get more story book than that.