Dream offseason pickup could head to L.A. over Phoenix

The Phoenix Suns need a point guard, and the ideal player could end up choosing the L.A. Clippers over The Valley.
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There is no doubt that the Phoenix Suns need to address their point guard situation this summer. Not having one was one of the biggest mistakes they made in 2023-24, while new head coach Mike Budenholzer addressed the lack of a floor general in his introductory press conference.

Unfortunately for the Suns, there is no clear way to get considerably better in this department. As a result of being above the second tax apron they can't consolidate contracts to make trades, while the 22nd pick in this year's draft looks more likely to be used on a big man to take some minutes away from current starting center Jusuf Nurkic.

Which leaves the franchise having to seriously consider former player Chris Paul, but he may end up going back to the L.A. Clippers instead.

That's because NBA insider Marc Stein believes that the Clippers have interest in both Paul and fellow point guard Kyle Lowry this offseason to bolster their own bench after a disappointing season that saw them exit the playoffs in the opening round. In fact the Clippers and Suns are in much the same position this offseason.

Both had high expectations and fell way short of them in the playoffs, while they also both have expensive rosters that limit how they can improve them. Which is why Paul remains - even at 39-years-old - such an attractive prospect. The Clippers would surely bring him off the bench, and the Suns could do the same thing.

The reasons for Paul to choose Los Angeles are obvious, and they likely give them the edge here as well. Paul may feel like he has unfinished business there, as he spent his prime there but couldn't win a championship. It is also known that Paul's family live in L.A. no matter where he is, which makes the Clippers - or even the Los Angeles Lakers - an obvious fit.

For the Suns, they can sell Paul on the fact he made it to the NBA Finals for the one and only time in his career in Phoenix. It is not a far journey from Arizona back to his family either - is something he did before - and he has a known relationship with Devin Booker. The chance to play with Kevin Durant and also Bradley Beal, who he was traded for, could also be a pull factor.

If the Suns could somehow convince LeBron James to come down on the minimum - after drafting his son with that 22nd pick - then this is a different proposition entirely. Paul and James are good friends but have never played in the league together. Add Durant to the mix, and it becomes hard to say no with all three in the twilight of their careers.

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The Suns could also have one final ace up their sleeve, and that would be selling Paul on a bigger role than he'd get with the Clippers. They have James Harden and even Russell Westbrook as things stand who can handle the ball whenever they're on the court. Paul would be nice, but also more of a luxury.

In The Valley he'd surely play more - and depending on how badly the search for another floor general goes - might even start some games. This might be Paul's last season in the league, so getting to play that bit more might be what ultimately sways him. This is the best case scenario for the Suns at this position and they need to treat getting Paul back seriously.