Devin Booker's 3 best college games with Kentucky

March Madness is in full swing, so what better time to look back on Devin Booker's college career to pick out his three best games for Kentucky.

Arkansas v Kentucky
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Jan. 10, 2015, Kentucky vs. Texas A&M

As a freshman, Booker displayed an intelligent offensive approach in the game. Even as a player coming off the bench, his teammates and coaches trusted his scoring instinct and led Kentucky in scoring on more than one occasion. In their 14th game of the season, the shooting guard had no problem in taking over for the team.

They played against Texas A&M, who had Danuel House and Alex Caruso. They may be role players in the NBA now, but both House and Caruso were excellent during their college days. Booker had 18 points and made the defense work hard from beyond the arc. He went 4-7 from the three, as the opposing team couldn't keep up with his quick release.

His scoring outburst led to another win for the college team, as they went undefeated the entire season.