8 free agents the Phoenix Suns should avoid at all costs

The Phoenix Suns are going to be busy this offseason trying to rebuild their roster around three stars, and these eight players should be avoided at all costs.
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3. Wesley Matthews

Another player who would have made a ton of sense a few seasons back, and has a game that is so well suited to the Suns that you'd be forgiven for thinking he played for them in the past. But although Wesley Matthews never suited up down in The Valley, the time has now gone for that to happen in future.

Matthews is a career 37.5 percent 3-point shooter, and in his day was one of the better "3-and-D" wings in the league. If the Suns were to add him now though, he'd just come in as an older and more injury-prone version of what Josh Okogie does for this roster.

Given Okogie likely won't see much run during the postseason, downgrading on a player you're not really using when it matters anyway is not what the Suns should be doing. Matthews will also be 38-years-old by the time next season starts, and he managed only 36 appearances with the Atlanta Hawks this season.

Again the temptation could be to take Matthews because of his experience playing with contenders like the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers. If left open he can make a shot, while he still has the IQ to be able to provide something on the defensive end. Really though if that's the argument for taking him, then it is best not to.