8 free agents the Phoenix Suns should avoid at all costs

The Phoenix Suns are going to be busy this offseason trying to rebuild their roster around three stars, and these eight players should be avoided at all costs.
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5. Garrett Temple

Garrett Temple is a bit like Thaddeus Young - a player the Suns picked up in the buyout market - in that the thought of him on your team is usually better than the reality. Temple is a consummate professional, and perhaps that is something that the Suns could have done with during the regular season, when they were struggling through inconsistencies.

The idea of adding Temple wouldn't even have sounded so crazy a couple of years back, but at 37-years-old that is just no longer an avenue the Suns should go down. Unlike every other player already mentioned - if the Suns found themselves with a roster spot and nobody to fill it - then sure, Temple could fill out the end of their bench.

But the franchise are going to need actual contributors next season beyond their top six players, and Temple just doesn't have the legs to do that anymore. Even if he was viewed as a regular season only addition - before being benched for the playoffs - the fact he averaged just over 10 minutes per game this season in only 27 appearances for a poor Toronto Raptors outfit says it all.

Definitely the right type of player, it's just the wrong time to go and get him. Better to spend a roster spot on some of the unsigned college players who don't get picked up in the NBA Draft. The chance of finding some upside - especially on the defensive end - is the angle the organization should be taking, not whatever Temple has left in his legs.