8 free agents the Phoenix Suns should avoid at all costs

The Phoenix Suns are going to be busy this offseason trying to rebuild their roster around three stars, and these eight players should be avoided at all costs.
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6. Mo Bamba

Pivoting to the center position, and it is clear the Suns will need a makeover in this department this summer. Jusuf Nurkic did an admirable job in holding it down during the regular season, but the playoffs could be about to expose his limitations, particularly defensively.

Backup big Drew Eubanks has a ton of heart, but not always the abilities to go with that fight. He's not skilled enough to get the better of stronger bigs - and not physical enough to outmuscle them - which has sometimes been a problem for the Suns.

But even if the Suns have to roll with this duo again next season, it is better than bringing in big man Mo Bamba. The former sixth overall pick still only 25-years-old, which on the surface looks like a steal at what would be the minimum. Young and with the kind of upside that neither Nurkic, Eubanks or most other minimum players have.

Only we've seen enough of Bamba both with the 76ers and Orlando Magic before that to know that that is not the case. Despite Embiid going down earlier in the season, Bamba still only averaged 13 minutes per game in 57 appearances, and may not even make their postseason rotation. He just doesn't do any one thing well enough - and a lot below average - for the Suns to get involved.