7 Suns players who will thrive playing under Mike Budenholzer

The Phoenix Suns have a new head coach in Mike Budenholzer, and these seven players are going to thrive playing for him next season.
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1. Bradley Beal

It is likely the Suns go and get an established point guard of some kind this offseason, which will allow Beal to become more of the scoring threat that we've all come to expect. It may be tricky to navigate having Booker, Beal and a true floor general on the floor at the same time, but Budenholzer could attempt something risky and clever to make this work.

Could Beal come off the bench? Certainly it would be a hard sell to the player - although if he then waived his no-trade clause to get out of town - the Suns likely wouldn't be too upset either. They could force Beal's hand to move on and start elsewhere, getting out from under one of the uglier contracts in the entire league.

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If Beal were to accept this, then it could unlock Budenholzer's entire tenure in The Valley. Bringing him off the bench would then mean that one of he or Booker would be hammering opponents for 48 minutes straight each night. It could also be that Beal ends up closing with the starters anyway, which may be of more importance to him.

Doing this would allow Beal and possible Allen to lead what would surely be the best bench unit in the league, and he could get back to putting up 25 each night on weaker defenders. Even if this doesn't ultimately happen, coach Budenholzer is going to figure out weird and wonderful ways to use Beal that will have both the franchise and the player profitting.