6 potential free agent targets for the Suns who have ties to Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant has had a whole host of teammates during his time in the league, and these are six that the Phoenix Suns could target this offseason.
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5. Andre Drummond

Durant had plenty of great teammates during his time with the Nets, even though most of them spent a short time. One of them is Andre Drummond, who played 24 games for Brooklyn. The veteran center even had a meme where they put up the "peace" sign during a transition play.

The Suns need to toughen their personnel in the interior. Adding a former All-Star who they can sign in a minimum deal could work out well. He'll serve as a backup center for Nurkic, ensuring Phoenix will control the boards even if the European center is resting.

He'll be an unrestricted player this offseason and the Suns should waste no time in signing him.