6 potential free agent targets for the Suns who have ties to Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant has had a whole host of teammates during his time in the league, and these are six that the Phoenix Suns could target this offseason.
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Player movement has been normalized in the modern NBA. These days, stars often explore greener pastures instead of staying with one team. This has allowed them to play with numerous amounts of players in their careers. One player who has played with a good number of players in their career is Kevin Durant.

The star forward has played for four teams, with the Phoenix Suns being the latest. Due to this, the list of players he's had the chance to play with has grown over the years.

However, most of the players he's played with during his time with the Oklahoma City Thunder are either past their prime or retired. When he was with the Golden State Warriors, the only notable players who played with Durant were the team's "Big 3" and a few noteworthy role players.

With the Brooklyn Nets, he was surrounded by decent help alongside Kyrie Irving. Additionally, the Nets shook up their roster a few times during his tenure, and the number of teammates Durant has had in his career increased. Now, he's with the Suns, and it's slightly a similar case as the team made notable changes since he was traded.

The amount of players who have played with Durant could be targets for the Suns next season. 

With that in mind, the pool of upcoming free agents has a decent list of players who are tied with Durant. The free agent pool is rich with available talent who could help the Suns next season. The 2023-24 season isn't over, yes. But the front office should try and prepare for next season.

6. Taurean Prince

During his time with the Nets, Durant had a chance to play with Taurean Prince. He was a teammate of the star forward for a limited time only, as he played 12 games. Since then, he's bounced around the NBA and has contributed to a few teams. This season, he's with the Lakers and is averaging nine points and three rebounds.

He'll enter free agency this summer and will garner some attention from various teams in need of a versatile wing. At 6-foot-6, Prince can play both forward positions, which will be valuable for the Suns. He's also a sniper from deep, knocking down 37.6 percent in his career.