6 most valuable assets the Phoenix Suns have to trade

Despite being in salary cap hell, the Phoenix Suns still have six assets that would hold real value around the league.
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2. Kevin Durant

We're getting into tough territory now. At 35-years-old Durant had a wonderful season last year, and he carried the Suns for stretches of the regular season. His scoring was as high as always, while defensively he put forward a legitimate case to make an All-Defensive team.

But how many more times is that going to be the case? We've already explored the possibility that Durant has now peaked in Phoenix, and this summer probably represents the highest his trade value is going to be from now until he calls it a career.

Obviously Ishbia would have massive reluctance to do this, but it is one guaranteed way to get better. The Suns could reload their roster around a younger star - or at least one who fits better long-term with Booker - and go some way of getting out of the cap sheet hell they have plunged themselves into with the Durant and Beal deals.

If push came to shove on this, most of the packages out there would probably underwhelm. The beauty for the Suns though, is that they don't have to take any offer if they don't want to. Durant hasn't expressed a desire to leave - and as long as they remains the case - the Suns are still in control of the situation. Something to think about as the franchise enters Booker's true prime.