6 most valuable assets the Phoenix Suns have to trade

Despite being in salary cap hell, the Phoenix Suns still have six assets that would hold real value around the league.
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3. First round pick in 2031

Suns' owner Mat Ishbia might have traded everything away to go and get Kevin Durant upon taking control of the franchise, but they now have a first round pick in 2031 that they are allowed to trade. In fact it has already been rumored that the organization are being aggressive in offering that pick to get better right now.

This pick holds much more appeal around the league for several reasons, and it starts with the fact there is no telling in what sort of situation the Suns could be in come 2031. By that point in time Durant will likely be retired - he certainly won't be in The Valley - while the chances of Bradley Beal also being in Phoenix would appear low.

If the next few years do not lead to a championship, then what is to stop Devin Booker asking out as well? Which means there's every chance that the pick could be a high lottery one, although the Suns could look to add protections of some kind if they do decide to give it up.

We all remember the Boston Celtics fleecing the Brooklyn Nets in that Kevin Garnett/Paul Pierce trade that seemed to go in the Celtics' favor forever. They're on the verge of winning a championship with some of the picks that came off the back of that deal. Other teams know this, and would be eager to take that 2031 selection off of their hands today.