6 most valuable assets the Phoenix Suns have to trade

Despite being in salary cap hell, the Phoenix Suns still have six assets that would hold real value around the league.
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4. 22nd pick in 2024 NBA Draft

It is true that this year's draft class is not being spoken about with a ton of excitement, but a first round pick is still a first round pick. Last year the Suns managed to turn a second rounder into Toumani Camara, a player who was added into the trade that got them Allen, Nurkic, Little and Keon Johnson, and who looks to have found a home with the Portland Trail Blazers.

There have already been strong indications that the Suns could trade this pick as well, given that drafting a prospect doesn't really seem to line up with where they're at right now. Already there has been talk of sending the pick and Nurkic to New Orleans, although it is unclear if either team would be crazy about that deal.

There is another problem here, in that the Suns can't just trade the pick straight up for a player because that again would be taking on salary, which they cannot do. But pairing the pick with Little or Nurkic (if they were able to get another team interested in his services) could unlock the chance to go after players currently out of their range.

As things stand there figures to be some intriguing talent available when that pick is on the board, so there is certainly value in having it. This might be the most underrated asset in the Suns' arsenal that could be used in the coming weeks to get better.