6 most valuable assets the Phoenix Suns have to trade

Despite being in salary cap hell, the Phoenix Suns still have six assets that would hold real value around the league.
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There is no doubt that the Phoenix Suns are in a sticky situation heading into this offseason. With their top three players making over $150 million alone next season, the organization have few ways to actually improve their roster.

A large reason for this is the fact they are in the second apron, and so are limited in the kind of trade talks that they can enter into. With so many players also on minimum deals outside of their "Big 3", going and getting players to help the Suns beyond the first round of the playoffs is extremely difficult.

Yet despite this, the franchise still has six assets that they could move now or in future which would immediately improve their roster.

This will be music to the ears of new head coach Mike Budenholzer - as well as a front office that continues to come under pressure for some of their moves - and it will give fans hope that their team is not stuck in their current situation either. Brace yourself though - as just because some of what is to come are real assets - doesn't mean the Suns should be in any hurry to move them.

6. Nassir Little

Starting off on the lighter end of the scale, and Nassir Little is making over $7 million in each of the next two seasons. Why that is important to the Suns is because - as a result of being over that second apron - they cannot take back a dollar more than they send out in a trade.

They also cannot stack salaries on top of each other - so say Little's deal plus Jusuf Nurkic's $17 million - in order to take back a player make All-Star level money. But that figure Little is making is nice as they could do straight up swap deals for players that are too good to take the minimum, and who may need a change of scenery.

If the Suns were to add a draft pick to the deal this could get even better, but the reality is Little's contract allows them to enter into conversations that they can't with a single other player on their roster. So if a relatively cheap point guard becomes available for example, General Manager James Jones can pick up the phone.

Little is still only 24-years-old, although it doesn't look like he is part of the long-term plans in The Valley. Coach Budenholzer might yet have a use for his game offensively - previous leading man Frank Vogel certainly didn't - and that could bump his trade value a little higher again. Either way though, the Suns can move Little to do something as soon as this summer.