5 things the Suns need to do to make their Big 3 work

The Phoenix Suns have a Big 3 that doesn't look like it is going anywhere, so here is how they can make it work next season.
Indiana Pacers v Phoenix Suns
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1. Make Bradley Beal play off the bench

This suggestion might be the toughest take I've considered in this list. But having Beal come off the bench could unlock the true potential of their dynamic. Given that the Suns pursued a point guard and defensive big men, that would mean either Booker or Beal has to play the small forward position or come off the bench. If one of them moves to the forward spot, it wouldn't be an effective adjustment since all three of them will still look to score.

This leaves an option for one of them to come off the bench, and being the franchise star, Booker won't be the one doing that. 

Beal is a high-volume scorer, and having him come off the bench would be problematic for opposing teams. Back when he played with the Washington Wizards, he had incredible scoring nights as he was the only option for the team. This time, it would look slightly like his Wizards days as he'll be the lone star leading the second unit.

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That doesn't mean the Suns should give him fewer minutes. Beal could still play more than 30 minutes. It's just that, this time, he won't play alongside Booker and KD like the previous season.