5 things the Suns need to do to make their Big 3 work

The Phoenix Suns have a Big 3 that doesn't look like it is going anywhere, so here is how they can make it work next season.
Indiana Pacers v Phoenix Suns
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4. Pursue a point guard

Even before the campaign started, many found it odd that the Suns didn't have a traditional point guard on the roster. Eventually, the lack of having one wasn't the best move for the team. Phoenix relied on the guards that were on the roster to take care of the facilitating responsibility, including Booker.

A few of the players from the team are capable ball handlers but that's not where they excelled on the floor. This was evident in their fourth-period performances where whoever handled the rock would get tired and turn the ball over most of the time. Since the stars handled the ball most of the time, including the playoffs, it was easy for opponents to slow them down.

Their offense wasn't fluid and relied heavily on which star had the ball. The lack of ball movement hindered them from being unguardable.

NBA Insider Chris Haynes also shared that Vogel requested a point guard on the roster but was denied.

"Frank Vogel wanted a point guard on that roster, and the front office believed that bringing a point guard over would take the ball out of the hands of Bradley Beal, Devin Booker, and Kevin Durant"

Chris Haynes

Hopefully this time, the Suns have realized the value of having a proper facilitator on the squad.