5 things the Suns need to do to make their Big 3 work

The Phoenix Suns have a Big 3 that doesn't look like it is going anywhere, so here is how they can make it work next season.
Indiana Pacers v Phoenix Suns
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5. Don't fire Frank Vogel

The players on the team had a tough time adapting to head coach Frank Vogel's system during their first attempt together, but it wasn't entirely the coach's fault. The lackluster supporting cast made it inevitable that the team would struggle at some point during the season. However, Vogel deserves another opportunity to coach the stars for a few reasons.

It will give the stars a chance to explore how to be effective in their system. The Suns need time to figure out how the stars can be productive on both ends of the court. Rushing them to learn and figure things out on the court was one of their problems during the season, which is why they appeared unprepared, especially during the offseason.

Replacing Vogel with a different coach would mean another adjustment period for the stars. All three of them cannot afford to learn a new system in the summer since they are pressed for time.