5 Phoenix Suns who peaked in 2023-24

The Phoenix Suns went out with a whimper in 2023-24, and unfortunately these five players look to have peaked as well.
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3. Bol Bol

There is a case to be made that Bol Bol shouldn't even be on this list, considering there are still no guarantees he will be back next season. But in year five, there is no doubt that he turned in the most complete season of his career, as he managed to appear in 43 games.

That he started 33-of-70 and put up over nine points per game the previous year with the Orlando Magic only further highlights how Bol will never reach that modest level of production again. More important to him was surely proving he could function and contribute to a good team, and he did exactly that.

To gain the trust of a coach like Vogel is impressive as well, while assistant David Fizdale had a special connection with the player. There was a period just after Christmas were he went on a run and had some consistent scoring nights, before a foot injured derailed his progress. That didn't stop fans and teammates alike from loving Bol though, and few players are as universally loved in the league.

Everybody wants him to do well, he just needs to be given the opportunity. If that is back with the Suns next season, then you can expect more of the same random moments of offensive excellence from the player. But a combination of being just a bad team defender and not getting the opportunity to play through his mistakes at this point in his career means it will never get any better.