5 former Suns who would be allowed back for title celebrations

If the Phoenix Suns do ever win a first NBA championship, these five former players are definitely allowed into the locker room to celebrate.
Dallas Mavericks v Phoenix Suns
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2. Mikal Bridges

Of modern era players to have suited up for the Suns, Mikal Bridges is obviously the leading choice. In some ways it still feels like he is a part of this group - certainly fans wish that was the case - and a section aren't over him getting dealt in the move that landed Kevin Durant in Phoenix.

Alongside Cameron Johnson, the pair had a special connection with the fans and with their teammates. That alone is reason to bring back Bridges - and also Johnson if we're being honest - but the on court abilities of Bridges are what are missed the most. They haven't had an elite defender like him since he left for the Brooklyn Nets.

If he was still on this roster they'd be closer to winning a championship - and although he is not a superstar himself - he is the perfect second or third option next to Booker. Imagine him in place of Bradley Beal for example, they'd be one of the favorites in the West. Suns fans would love to share the celebrations with Bridges.