5 former Suns who would be allowed back for title celebrations

If the Phoenix Suns do ever win a first NBA championship, these five former players are definitely allowed into the locker room to celebrate.
Dallas Mavericks v Phoenix Suns
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3. Shawn Marion

When it comes to beloved former Suns, there aren't many being mentioned before Shawn "Matrix" Marion. This selection is complicated a little because Marion is best known to a certain generation of fans as a Maverick, and a player who won a championship with them in 2011.

Yet you will be hard pressed to find a Suns fan who has anything bad to say about him. Again he's known more for his fantastic defensive game that was on full display late in his career, but the younger Marion was an athletic freak who had an oversized impact on both ends of the court.

He always has nice things to say about The Valley, and he gave the organization over 700 appearances across both regular season and playoffs. He was also a four-time All-Star with the Suns, a fact that is lost on many. Most of all though, Marion just looks like a great hang and a former player who would truly add to the occasion of winning it all.