5 former Suns who would be allowed back for title celebrations

If the Phoenix Suns do ever win a first NBA championship, these five former players are definitely allowed into the locker room to celebrate.
Dallas Mavericks v Phoenix Suns
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4. Chris Paul

If Saric might consider coming back to celebrate with the team, then Paul certainly will not. He is such an important part of the history of the organization at this point - it was his arrival that was the final piece in getting back to relevancy - but he is too competitive to be seen celebrating another group's success.

It would be even better if Paul came back on the minimum this summer, and so could be there properly if the Suns do go all the way next season. Other than that though, he's suited up for too many franchises and wants to win above all else, which is why he would decline the invitation.

Paul will likely go in the Ring of Honor one day, and it was because of everything he taught Booker that the Suns felt they could trust their superstar to be more of a point guard last season. That might not have worked out, but it wasn't because Booker didn't give it his all, averaging a career high 6.9 assists. The one fans would want to see, and also the least likely member of this list to appear.