4 way too early free agency targets for the Phoenix Suns this summer

The Phoenix Suns are going to have to remake their roster on the fly again this summer, and these are some early candidates for the team to consider.
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3. Kyle Lowry

Going out and getting Kyle Lowry has similarities to Holiday, but where they end is with the fact he is a point guard and floor general through and through. Getting Lowry to The Valley would allow Booker and Beal to start and do all of the good things that they have this season, with Lowry picking up the slack when one or both of them go to the bench.

Lowry has the championship pedigree and the fact he continues to get courted by contenders going for him, and he would not cost a lot to sign either. He'd likely agree to the minimum to try and add another ring to what might just be a Hall of Fame career, just as he did this season in signing with the Philadelphia 76ers for under $3 million after being bought out by the Miami Heat.

Working against Lowry is the fact he just turned 38, and to watch him on the court is to see a player who is way past his best. You could perhaps talk yourself into this though, as the move replaces Chris Paul on this roster. Both are diminished players who are not what they once were, and given the chance Suns fans would take Paul back over adding Lowry.

But as the ninth guy in a playoff rotation - and when Beal inevitably misses 15 games during the regular season - the Suns could do worse than kick the tyres on Lowry on the veteran's minimum. What he gives up defensively can be cobbled together by others on the roster, while he would surely help with the awful turnover issues the team has had this season.