4 Suns whose stock fell dramatically after disastrous playoffs

The Phoenix Suns were swept out of the postseason early, and these four players saw their stock take a hit as a result.
Los Angeles Clippers v Phoenix Suns
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3. Devin Booker

Devin Booker's stock did take a fall during the playoffs, but in an altogether different way than anybody else on this list. He had perhaps his best regular season in The Valley, and the losses to the Timberwolves were hardly just his fault either. Notching 27.5 points and six assists in that series is further proof that his team would have been in much more trouble without him.

But looking at the bigger picture, and Booker has without doubt fallen behind some of his peers in the league in terms of how they are viewed. Jayson Tatum is on his way back to the NBA Finals for the second time in three seasons, while Luka Doncic has gotten there with a Dallas Mavericks unit that was much less fancied to make noise at the start of the season.

Granted the Mavericks made some brilliant roster moves at the trade deadline to get to where they are now, but any group featuring Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal alongside Booker simply has to do better. That Booker was unable to make this work can and will be used against him when discussing the best players in the world today.

There is no doubt that Anthony Edwards for example has overtaken him in the minds of fans, while it is now not a given that he is one of the top 12 players in the league. On Booker's night he surely is, but these playoffs represented a regression for a player who only three seasons ago seemed ahead of schedule in making the finals.