4 Suns who are most to blame for their disastrous season

The Phoenix Suns are headed for a long offseason, and these four individuals are the most to blame for the situation they now find themselves in.
Phoenix Suns v San Antonio Spurs
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2. James Jones

The front office has some blame for how the team underperformed this season. As usual, general managers have the power to fix the roster by how they'd like to perform in the season. For this year, they tried to build a contending team. But their questionable acquisitions became their downfall.

Even before the season started, there was already buzz about how the team had no point guard after trading away Chris Paul. Many thought they were going to experiment on how the stars would perform in the first half of the season and bring in a point guard if needed.

Many saw how the Suns needed a true point guard from the start. But, the season ended with the team not signing a point guard who could be part of the rotation.

According to sources, Vogel wanted to bring in a point guard to the roster. However, the front office refused as they liked the Big 3 having the ball most of the time.

""Frank Vogel wanted a point guard on that roster, and the front office believed that bringing a point guard over would take the ball out of the hands of Bradley Beal, Devin Booker, and Kevin Durant.""

Chris Haynes of TNT

Based on that alone, that's a recipe for disaster. James Jones had a decent record in making the right calls before the ownership changed, but it looked like they handed the keys to the new owner.