4 Suns who are most to blame for their disastrous season

The Phoenix Suns are headed for a long offseason, and these four individuals are the most to blame for the situation they now find themselves in.
Phoenix Suns v San Antonio Spurs
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3. Frank Vogel

The head coach of the Suns isn't exempt from getting blamed for their embarrassing postseason exit. While the coach did try to save their season, he didn't make enough adjustments. Through the entire season, the Suns ranked 25th in turnovers per game with 14.9. Ranking that low in preventing turnovers isn't going to lead contending teams somewhere.

On top of that, the Suns were the worst fourth-quarter performers among all 30 teams this season. They registered a net rating of -11.6. The margin between them and the second-worst fourth-quarter team (Miami Heat) is substantial, with -5.5.

If the team weren't able to fix their problems during the entire season, how would they address it in the postseason? Additionally, some reports said Durant "didn't feel comfortable" in Vogel's system. According to sources, KD felt his strengths weren't maximized as the offense focused on pick-and-roll situations. 

""Those sources said Durant had persistent issues with the offense, feeling that he was being relegated to the corner far too often and not having the proper designs to play to his strengths as the offense was built around pick-and-rolls.""

Shams Charania of The Athletic

Vogel's lack of adjustments haunted them in the playoffs, and the Wolves took advantage of it.