4 Suns who are most to blame for their disastrous season

The Phoenix Suns are headed for a long offseason, and these four individuals are the most to blame for the situation they now find themselves in.
Phoenix Suns v San Antonio Spurs
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The Phoenix Suns' 2023-24 season has come to an end, and the outcome was not favorable. The Minnesota Timberwolves swept the Suns, winning all four games in the best-of-seven series. Throughout the series, it became evident to many that the Suns were at a disadvantage against the Wolves.

Devin Booker and Kevin Durant, two of the top three players in their team, carried the offensive load. Booker finished with 49 points, five rebounds, and six assists, while Durant added 33 points and nine rebounds. Unfortunately, Bradley Beal's poor performance was the highlight of their must-win match. Beal only had nine points and shot only 30.8 percent from the field before fouling out late in the fourth quarter.

With their early exit in the postseason comes the blame game. Some pieces were published shortly after their game, exposing what some players genuinely felt about their season.

It's difficult to point out one person who contributed heavily to the Suns' downfall this season. Blaming one person would be unfair, and that's what head coach Frank Vogel has experienced following their elimination. A few stories popped up about how Vogel needed to be fired after one disappointing season.

But before we blame the head coach, let's broaden our perspective and analyze the others. A few people in the Suns' organization also played a role in the team's performance, and we're here to explore who they are.

4. Bradley Beal

Bradley Beal's first season with the Suns was pretty underwhelming. He struggled to stay healthy, and when he was, Beal failed to put up All-Star caliber numbers. The latter part isn't totally on him, as he's never been a third option, and adjusting in just one season to be effective has never been easy.

Beal only played for 53 games this season because he was unavailable for 29 games. While he was an integral part of the team, his presence wasn't felt until the final game of the season when he had a 36-point performance against the Wolves. On top of that, he had the energy to call out their postseason matchup before the first round started about how they weren't playing hard enough.

With an underwhelming and unhealthy first season in Phoenix, Beal didn't fit with what the Suns were trying to do. On top of that, he displayed an arrogant vibe in addressing their eventual sweep after their Game 3 loss. The All-Star guard had a first-hand experience of what it's like to play for the West. He found out how difficult it is to win in the West despite having star teammates.