4 Phoenix Suns at risk of being traded this summer

The Phoenix Suns need to keep an eye on the offseason to extend their championship window, and these four players are at risk of being traded.
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1. Bradley Beal

The biggest move the Suns can make this summer is to change course entirely and move on from Beal. If that sounds ridiculous, consider how unlikely it was this time last season that the team would be able to get anything for Chris Paul. Only they did just that, and there's no doubt that Beal is much the better asset, even if his no-trade clause is ultimately what got him to The Valley.

The reasons for the Suns to give up on this experiment after only one season are twofold. The first is that as long as this franchise has Booker and Durant, then they should be looking at all options moving forward. Maybe Beal is the best third option in the league - that was always the hope in trading for him - but so far that has not proven to be the case.

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Which is the second reason to think about trading him. Beal at 30-years-old has already missed half of this season as a result of several injuries, and there is little indication that this is going to get any better. Beal is also making over $50 million for the next three seasons after this season, and moving off that monstrous deal may be what's best moving forward.

Again the new CBA makes this difficult - but if we have learnt one thing since the turn of the century - it is that the next disgruntled star is never too far from making themselves known. If they're on huge money, as they so often are, then Beal is the kind of contract you can trade to make that happen. Which is why Beal being traded this summer is not as unlikely as you might think.