4 Phoenix Suns at risk of being traded this summer

The Phoenix Suns need to keep an eye on the offseason to extend their championship window, and these four players are at risk of being traded.

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3. David Roddy

David Roddy has endured a curious time since joining the Suns at the trade deadline, so much so that it is possible that the organization went and got him with the single purpose of flipping him again down the road. Roddy is only 22-years-old and so is one of the only young players under contract for several seasons that the Suns have.

After this season, the final two on Roddy's deal are team options. It seems unlikely the traded for him to cut ties with him so quickly, which means he is most likely back again for next season. Given that's appeared only seven times so far and is averaging less than five minutes per game though, it is unclear how he fits into the long-term vision here.

If the Suns were starting over around Booker then they could use a young forward with some upside like Roddy for the journey. Instead the franchise added buyout guy Thaddeus Young and brought back Ish Wainright recently as well for his second stint with the team this season. Two players in direct competition with Roddy for minutes, and who are both veterans.

The smart bet then is that the Suns either attach Roddy to a future deal - such as one involving Nurkic - in order to piece more money together to get access to players on more money. The new CBA has made doing this harder than it used to be - but with Ishbia already talking about making CBA-busting deals into next season - he'll surely find a way to add Roddy to a meaningful trade down the road.