4 Grayson Allen trades that make sense for the Phoenix Suns

Grayson Allen has been superb for the Phoenix Suns this season, but is the time to trade him right now when his value has never been higher?
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Okongwu Suns

With the Atlanta Hawks reportedly making everyone on their roster available except for Trae Young and Jalen Johnson, Clint Capela is the first name that rightly pops into most Suns fans’ heads. He’s been a fixture in Suns mock trades for several years now but nothing has ever materialized. That theme should continue because if everyone else on the Hawks is truly available, Onyeka Okongwu should be the Hawk they target.

Okongwu is an athletic 6’8 hybrid big who can play the role of a defensive center just like Claxton.  However, unlike Claxton, Okongwu is a much more versatile offensive player, and can play in two-big lineups because of it. 

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The Suns have tried running those lineups this year with Bol Bol and Chimizie Metu to mixed results. Okongwu is more proven in that regard and can anchor a small-ball lineup as well.

Okongwu would also give the Suns long-term insurance at the wing and big spots as his four year contract extension is set to begin next season. For that reason it’s interesting that the Hawks would trade him, but then again it’s been odd that he’s still backing up and playing less minutes than Capela. 

He'll fetch a high price which is why the Suns would have to include their other best trade asset in Little as well their remaing picks. It's a steep price but well worth it to lock down a core piece.