4 Grayson Allen trades that make sense for the Phoenix Suns

Grayson Allen has been superb for the Phoenix Suns this season, but is the time to trade him right now when his value has never been higher?
Phoenix Suns v Miami Heat
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Claxton Suns

The Suns had so much success trading with the Brooklyn Nets last year that they might as well go back to the well this year, this time for Nic Claxton. According to Marc Stein, Claxton could be available now.

He’s not a wing, but he fills a pretty big need as a defensive-minded center. Pairing him with Jusuf Nurkić would give the Suns arguably the most versatile center combo in the league. The two players are basically polar opposites. Claxton is an athletic, rim running, rim protecting big, while Nurk is a slow moving, back to the basket, playmaking center. 

Being able to switch between leaning on one or the other depending on the matchup would get the most out of both players while masking their weaknesses. It would also give the Suns a way to change up their play style on offense, making them all the more diffcult to gameplan for.

Claxton is a free agent after this year, possibly leading to his availability, but he should command significantly less on the open market than Allen. The greater difficulty would lie in getting Sean Marks to do another deal with the Suns after they clearly won the last trade. Sending the last of the Suns tradeable draft assets along with Grayson could convince him.