3 tweaks the Phoenix Suns will make for the playoffs

The Phoenix Suns are going to make some adjustments once the playoffs start, and these three will be the biggest and most important.
Atlanta Hawks v Phoenix Suns
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2. Jusuf Nurkic as point guard

This sounds ridiculous - especially given the ability to create of both Booker and Beal - but we are going to see some of this in the playoffs? The smart bet is yes, because the last time Booker missed a few games through injury, Nurkic brought the ball up the court and became an offensive hub for his teammates to work around.

Obviously having Booker, Beal and Durant healthy means this will be used less, but it definitely has the potential to confuse opponents. Imagine having three All-Star level offensive players, and Nurkic is the player calling the plays and handling the ball for a number of possessions.

Think of this as a version of what the Orlando Magic used to run when they had two-time All-Star Nikola Vucevic acting as their best player. Great passing out of the post, a shooting touch and the kind of pass-and-screen action that will allow the likes of Allen and O'Neale to shake free for 3-point attempts.

You can be sure that two of the team's top three will be on the court at all times during the playoffs. But if somebody gets into foul trouble - or worse yet if injury strikes again - Nurkic is going to be more comfortable than you think running the show. Coach Vogel is going to make sure this happens some anyway.