3 takeaways from the Phoenix Suns' lineup changes

Due to injuries to key players, Phoenix Suns' coach Frank Vogel has gained valuable insight on certain lineup configurations.
New York Knicks v Phoenix Suns
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The three-man of Durant, Booker, and Beal

Suns fans haven’t seen nearly as much of this three-man as they’ve wanted to this year, but in the 65 minutes Durant, Booker, and Beal have played together, they’ve been dominant. With an offensive rating of 129.4 and a defensive of110.7, good for a 18.7 net, they are an outstanding trio on both ends of the floor.

They've completely bypassed any sort of feeling out process on the offensive side of the ball. There doesn't seem to be any, "your turn, my turn" in these games. The offense is flowing seamlessely and the ball is moving around the court to all the players.

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It was understandable for Suns fans to feel restless at points during this season, especially after the Christmas Day loss. The stars being in and out of the lineup resulted in a lot of mediocre, uneven play. This small glimpse of their potential should serve as a reminder that this team will be a force as long as they're all healthy and on the floor.

That is, of course, the caveat with the team, as the Suns are once again without Durant for a few games to a hamstring injury. He should be back sooner rather than later though, and the Suns "Big 3" won't miss a beat whenever that is.