3 takeaways from Mat Ishbia's end of season media availability

Phoenix Suns' owner Mat Ishbia addressed the media in the wake of his team's season ending, and there was plenty to take away from it.
Denver Nuggets v Phoenix Suns - Game Six
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1. Mat Ishbia loves this team

The overriding emotion throughout the entire press conference was one of complete confidence bordering on delusion from Ishbia, which was in complete contrast to the season the Suns just endured. But rather than see where the organization is right now as a negative, Ishbia painted a much brighter picture.

"I think some of the narratives around our team and our organization maybe are incorrect. And my perspective is this: We’re in great position. Not a good position, a great position."

Mat Ishbia on the Suns

Ishiba would go even further than that, claiming that the Suns were in an enviable position relative to most other teams in the league. This despite an up-and-down regular season and being dumped out of the playoffs by Anthony Edwards and company.

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"I feel like the narrative around the house is burning, it’s incorrect. The Phoenix Suns are doing great. Excellent. Not as good as we want to be, and not as good as we’re gonna do next year, and that’s what we’re gonna figure out. What do we gotta tweak, modify, adjust to win a championship next year?"

Mat Ishbia on the Suns

You can't help but admire Ishbia's unwavering belief that the Suns are going to be even better next year, but it is hard to see how. Durant will be 36-years-old, Beal missed a third of this season through injury and this team still doesn't have a traditional point guard to run the show. You can be sure of one thing though, and that is that Ishbia will do what it takes to win. Even if he currently can't do much.