3 takeaways from Mat Ishbia's end of season media availability

Phoenix Suns' owner Mat Ishbia addressed the media in the wake of his team's season ending, and there was plenty to take away from it.
Denver Nuggets v Phoenix Suns - Game Six
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2. Frank Vogel is still the head coach... for now

This unexpected press conference was both rescheduled from Monday to Wednesday and later updated to include Ishbia which had most people thinking the same thing. Namely that head coach Frank Vogel was going to be relieved of his duties after an underwhelming season.

Only that never happened, with Ishbia going on to tell those in attendance that not one conversation has taken place regarding the futures of Vogel, Jones or any of the players on the roster. Although that is most likely not true - Ishbia has surely gotten his inner circle together to dissect the season that was - coach Vogel is, for now at least, not getting the chop.

It would be a stretch to say that Ishbia backed him to succeed - but in kind of skirting around his future altogether - it may be that a decision has not been made yet. Quite how much you can blame what happened on Vogel is unclear as well, as all he did was work with what he was given. Even Bradley Beal appeared to back him in public once the season was over.

There is every chance Vogel is going to stay on for next season, because the Suns watched their top assistant Kevin Young go to BYU recently. David Fizdale is waiting in the wings if needed, but the Suns need only look at the Milwaukee Bucks hiring Doc Rivers halfway through the regular season to see that change for the sake of it is not always a good thing.