3 Suns players who need to step up in Game 2

The Phoenix Suns are down 1-0 to the Minnesota Timberwolves but if these three players step it up in Game 2, they will even the series.
Chicago Bulls v Phoenix Suns
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2. Bradley Beal

In the season closer of the Suns, they played against the Wolves. The team performed well to close the season series, but Bradley Beal had a few things to say about their opponent. According to Beal, Minnesota didn't play hard enough, and that is why they lost. His comments came after he had 36 points and hit all six threes. But the star followed it up with a subpar performance in Game 1.

Karma hit Beal hard after his performance in Game 1. He only had 15 points and wasn't assertive in creating his shots. While he added six assists, that wasn't enough to make it competitive against the Wolves. The three-time All-Star's performance in the first game of their series was underwhelming, and he needs to play hard in Game 2.

Beal needs to own up to what he said about the Wolves and play hard. He hasn't played well all season long for the Suns and doesn't have the right to call out the team that anchored the top defense the entire season.

""Brad Beal said he told our coach that he don’t think we play hard enough, and he was right. [Chris] Finch didn’t like that, he came in the next day was like, ‘we got guys on other teams telling me that y’all don’t play hard enough for me,’ and he was totally right. We were just out there running around letting them do what they wanted to do.""

Anthony Edwards

Phoenix needs the All-Star guard to focus on contributing significantly in their next game to even the series.