3 reasons the Suns will regret firing Frank Vogel

The Phoenix Suns moved quick to fire and subsequently replace head coach Frank Vogel, but they will come to regret that decision in time.
Minnesota Timberwolves v Phoenix Suns - Game Four
Minnesota Timberwolves v Phoenix Suns - Game Four / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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2. He never made the season about him

An extremely underrated aspect of Vogel's tenure with the Suns was how little he ever made the bizarre season about him. It would have been very easy to get caught up in the constant media attention having three stars gets you - and with the season unfurling in front of everybody - Vogel could have taken to the media to save himself.

Or if not that, certainly try and pin the blame for the shortcoming of the season on the front office or the star players who weren't pulling their weight. Vogel did try and tell everybody how difficult this season was in his own subtle way - David Roddy at point guard anybody? - but never making it about him was huge for the organization.

That would have created another unnecessary subplot to the season, but instead Vogel was nothing but professional, kind and courteous to the media whenever there was availability to speak with him. Then again, he probably thought he was going to get more than one season to try and bring a first championship to the Suns.

Given the difficult situation he was put into - and the fact his next head coaching job is far from guaranteed - that Vogel kept quiet speaks volumes about the kind of character he has. The very type in fact, that the Suns really need at the top, with outspoken stars continuing to get chance after chance in the league.