3 reasons the Phoenix Suns were wrong to trade for Bradley Beal

The Phoenix Suns look like fringe contenders to win a championship right now, but Bradley Beal hasn't had much to do with the success of this group.

Milwaukee Bucks v Phoenix Suns
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2. He's already missed too many games

It feels like some players - even if they never have serious injuries - are just cursed to land awkwardly more frequently or have a muscle issue that causes them to miss games. Davis is probably the most well-known example in the league, but at this stage Beal is doing all he can to take that unwanted crown from the Lakers' big man.

He has played in only 30 games so far this season - nowhere near the return the Suns envisioned when they traded for him - and although his numbers were always going to take a dip playing next to Booker and Durant, his lack of availability is the biggest concern. He's only 30-years-old, yet this season has had back, ankle, nose and a hamstring issue that currently has him sidelined.

Most worrying of all, between 2017-2019 Beal didn't miss a single regular season game. Since then? The most he has managed in a campaign is 60 games, and right now the safe bet is that that's about the most you're going to get out of him. Which is not what the Suns signed up for when they went and got him.

Their championship window is open as long as Durant is around - but at 35-years-old and after an achilles injury of his own - he shouldn't be more durable than Beal. Only he is, and trying to build a winner on flimsy foundations like Beal's health looks like it could be the undoing of owner Mat Ishbia's admirable vision.